Identity Struggles

Are you struggling with being clear about who you are? Or maybe you’re wondering why you aren’t interested in the same things as other people?

If you are a woman perhaps you find women’s interests in men really boring, and are much more interested in other women.

It may be that the people around you have very fixed ideas about women’s and men’s roles and you are expected to eventually have a relationship with someone of the opposite gender, even though they don’t interest you in the slightest. If you are a man, it may be that you are far more interested in other men, but in your culture that is totally forbidden.

Alternatively it may be that you fantasise about becoming someone of the opposite gender from the one you were born with. If you are a man, that you feel, deep down, that you are really a woman and if you are a woman, that you are really a man inside.

These feelings can feel quite frightening, particularly if your family is very conventional and would be horrified to think that you are contemplating changing your gender.

Being able to talk about your feelings in a safe environment will help you to make the right decisions for yourself, whilst taking into account how you might communicate or not with your family and friends.