Are you feeling anxious about any aspect of your life? For example you might be worrying about relationships. Are you in a relationship and having difficulty getting along? Do you find yourselves arguing a lot? Or are you simply not connecting with each other?

Maybe you’re finding it difficult to connect to other people and are therefore anxious about whether you are able to make a creative and positive connection to another person.

You might be feeling lonely and rather lost and this might be leading to your feeling self-critical and judgmental towards yourself. How is your social life going? Are you part of a group of friends and do you feel welcome, or are you a bit of an outsider and anxious that the others don’t really like you?

It may be that your anxiety is more to do with where you are going with your life. Have you found a direction which is right for you or are your struggling with not knowing what you want from life and that is leaving you anxious?

You might be feeling rather lost and unsure that you are on the right path, or whether this is the right direction for you to be going in. You might be trying to please someone important in your life – your parents, for example – and trying to succeed in following a path that has been chosen for you, but which doesn’t feel right for you and if that is the case, you might be worrying hugely about the consequences if you continue going in this direction.

Your anxiety might have nothing to do with any of this and be about something else entirely. But whatever it is that is making you anxious will, undoubtedly leave you feeling a lack of energy, a sense of being lost and feelings of hopelessness. Talking about what it is that is contributing to your anxiety will enable you to understand the reasons that are contributing to your worries and this, in itself, gives you the tools to begin to change.