Addressing Depression From a Holistic Perspective

It is likely that most of us will experience depression at some point during our lives, brought on by feelings of loneliness, a sense of inadequacy in our ability to make and maintain relationships, or doubts about our gender or sexual identity.

Or we may feel anxious about work – are we good enough? How secure is our job? These feelings generally emerge out of fear about our ability to connect with others, either socially or in the work place?

Any or all of these issues can lead to massive feelings of self-doubt which can very quickly have an impact on our daily lives.

Depression can lead to over-eating, in an attempt to stuff down the pain.

It can lead to excessive alcohol use as a way of “drowning our sorrows”.

It can have the effect of  making us withdraw from others and this, inevitably, leads to our experiencing intense periods of loneliness. 

The symptoms of depression are vast and can vary significantly from person to person. Here’s a list from the NHS website.

It’s at this point that it is all too easy to reach for the quick solution, a way of numbing the pain: drugs, alcohol, over work or medication.

Unless we have the courage to engage with the pain of depression – preferably in the presence of a trusted “Other” – who can help us coming to understand the underlying causes, we are likely to continue getting ever deeper into despair.

If you’re looking for the trusted “Other” I just mentioned, I’d be more than happy to offer you a free first session so you can decide if I’m the right therapist for you. You can reach me here.

It is my belief, based on personal experience over many years, on both sides of the therapeutic relationship, that the only way of really healing from depression, is by confronting it in psychotherapy with a trusted person, who can witness our despair and stay by us as we confront our demons.